रविवार, 7 अप्रैल 2013


              In Indian economy is growing to a developed country, but there are some questions are arises again and again towards the liability of Govt. for the public. A number of problems are appearing to fulfill the public health. The development depends on it's public health, which is directly related to the economy of any country. It may be educational either socio - economical or mental or such other activities done by human. A sound body and mental have more work to the Nation, for the Nation. It's mission directly affected by the A sick person of any country. 

             In India health activities are also effected badly due to unhealthy citizens. In India two types of treatment is available in general or Govt. hospitals and other is private hospitals. The private Hospitals are mostly for the some population of India, whenever heavy population live & related to the slums and rural areas. There no better condition for the treatment of low income persons or below poverty line persons or backward class population. There are no good facilities in Govt. Hospitals or if facilities are present, there are no good person to serve a healthy life with healthy way. A number of problems are appeared when we go to such places for the health services. There a long lines for outdoor and many problems to admit in hospitals. In lac of money several patients are not well treated and may be thrown from the hospital without treatment.

              The doctors behavior is also bad with the poor citizen, the humanity is effected by money and services are stop for the money. The workers of such community hospitals are heartless and have the power to misbehave with any patients. These community hospitals are full and have problems of their poor treatments, dirty atmosphere and poor services provided by the nurses, ward boys, pharmacist and para medical persons.

                In rural areas the health services are very poor conditions, there are one day visit of concerned doctor in primary community hospitals and less presence of staff appointed to the rural are hospitals. Now, when we visited rural area, the problems are same for emergency health problems. There are no doctors in night and all days of the week or month. If they are present, they will be referred to the patients for district hospitals, which are already full or have their own problems.
                  Actually the rural patient diseased with heart problems, brain stroke, snake bite or such other sensitive problems ended on their death. No emergency services available in rural area, these react as referral centers. Those villages who are situated at long distance from the district headquarter are only depends on God for the treatment. In night, there are no answer for treatment of qualified doctor, so the untrained and non qualified persons acts as doctor. Many times, in serious condition or unknown and unidentified disease the patients will died or go in poor condition.

There are some problems arises for the best health.
1. Lac of Work power like a social service.
2. Lac of qualified & devoted doctors.
3. Unavailability of medicines.
4. Unavailability of Ambulance.
5. Lac of qualified & devoted nursing and para medical staff.
6. Lac of infrastructure ans communication for rural population.
7. Lac of power.
8. Lac of good economical conditions of poor families.
9. Lac of Life saving equipments in rural primary health centers.

            We must be solved the above normal problems of poor lived in slums and rural population. Without healthy generation we may be not generate the wealthy or developed conditions for a developed country. The world health day celebration and submitting data is not enough to provide good health to the human. In World health day we must be think and follow up to our plans or projects with satisfied results. If you Human, Work for Human, prepare yourself as Human and live for Humanity.

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